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Create partially-signed-bitcoin-transactions to be signed by Samourai Wallet

Select the public key to send from

  • Navigate to a Collection
  • Tap on the tab of the public key you wish to send from
  • Tap the send icon at the bottom of the screen

Populate transaction details

  • Tap the QR code to scan a bitcoin address QR code
    Paste a bitcoin address from clipboard
  • Enter the bitcoin amount
  • Move the transaction priority slider to choose the miner fee rate
  • Tap compose unsigned transaction

Partially-signed-bitcoin-transaction (PSBT)

After the PSBT has been generated, there are multiple ways to share it with Samourai Wallet to be signed (using Samourai Wallet's Sign Transaction tool):

  1. Scan the PSBT animated QR code with Samourai Wallet
  2. Copy to clipboard the PSBT, then paste into Samourai Wallet's Sign Transaction tool
  3. Export and save as a .psbt file on your device, or share as text via a third-party app