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Configure Sentinel over Clearnet, Tor, and connect to Dojo

  • From the Sentinel home screen, tap the network icon

Here you you can change how you interact with the node which your Sentinel app is connected to. You may:

  • Enable / Disable Tor
  • Renew Tor identity
  • Enable / Change / Disable Dojo Full Node connection

Note 1: if you are connected to an old Dojo, you may change to a new Dojo connection without connecting first to Samourai's Servers. Tap change to do so.
Note 2: your public keys are added and an automatic rescan is carried out when carrying out any of the following:
• Enabling Dojo after previously being connected to Samourai's Servers
• Changing your connection from an old Dojo to a new Dojo
• Disabling Dojo, then manually choosing to connect to Samourai's Servers