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Save your Sentinel data

Sentinel gives you the option to export the entire app as a encrypted backup, which includes Collections, Preferences, and Server/Dojo configuration. You may at any time restore from an encrypted backup.

Export backup

  • Navigate to Settings and tap on Export Sentinel Backup
  • Choose your preferred method:
    • Copy to clipboard
    • Save to file
  • Type a payload password. This is what is used to encrypt your backup so be sure to set a strong one
  • Tap encrypt

The encrypted backup will then either be copied to your clipboard, or you will be prompted to save it in a file location on your Android device.

Import Backup

  • Navigate to Settings and tap on Import Sentinel Backup
  • Tap choose file to recall your backup from your Android device files
    tap paste if your backup is in your clipboard
  • Type your decryption password
  • Choose which elements of your encrypted backup you would like to import:
    • Import Collections
    • Import Preferences
    • Import Dojo
  • Choose whether to clear existing collections
  • Tap import Sentinel backup

After a successful import is carried out the following toast will be displayed: