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Frequently asked questions

What type of public keys can Sentinel track?

Extended public keys:

  • BIP44 xPUBs
  • BIP49 yPUBs
  • BIP84 zPUBs

Single addresses:

  • All types

Can Sentinel track payments received directly to my PayNym?

No. Wallet private keys are required to derive your PayNym receive addresses. As Sentinel only tracks public keys, it is not possible to view any incoming payments received directly to your PayNym addresses. For verifying incoming payments directly to your PayNym, use Samourai Wallet.

When I add an xPUB to be tracked, I am asked what type of addresses I would like Sentinel to derive. Why?

An extended public keys which starts xpub... on its own does not provide enough information as to what type of addresses are to be derived. Therefore if you attempt to add a public key into Sentinel in this format you will be asked the following:

Select the type of addresses associated with this public key:

  • Addresses starting with "1" (BIP44)
  • Addresses starting with "3" (BIP49)
  • Addresses starting with "bc1q" (BIP84)

If you choose to select the second / third option, your public key will be automatically converted to a yPUB / zPUB respectively.

After adding an extended public key (xPUB/yPUB/zPUB) I did not have to manually enter a derivation path. Why?

The derivation path information is contained within the extended public key and is automatically detected by Sentinel, therefore there is no need to enter it manually.

Should you wish to verify the derivation path of the extended public key is correct: tap the receive button, then tap the "advanced" icon. This will display the derivation path (and address index value) for the receive address shown on screen.

In the Collection edit screen there is the option to view and edit a public key's "Master Fingerprint". What is this?

Each bitcoin wallet has its own unique Master Fingerprint, made up of eight alpha-numeric characters, and of which can only be derived using a wallet's private keys.

In order for some hardware wallets to be able to successfully sign a partially-signed-bitcoin-transaction (PSBT), the public key's associated Master Fingerprint is required to be included within said PSBT. This is not a requirement for generating a PSBT with Sentinel, then signing it with Samourai Wallet.

I have generated a receive address from a tracked extended public key. How do I generate the next one?

In Sentinel v5.0.1 the receive address displayed is the next unused one in the index list. Until this address has been received to a new address will not be displayed. (It is on our immediate roadmap to bring the same functionality in this area as Samourai Wallet, whereby a new receive address in displayed each time the "receive" button is tapped).