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Generate receive addresses and receive address QR codes

Select the public key to receive to

  • Navigate to a Collection
  • Tap on the tab of the public key you wish to receive to
  • Tap the receive icon at the bottom of the screen

Ways to share the address

You may:

  • Present the address QR code to the sending party to scan
  • Tap the three dots, then tap share to send the QR code via a third-party app
  • Tap the bitcoin address to copy to clipboard


Tapping the Advanced button gives you the ability to request amount and to view the path and index for the address presented.

Request amount

  • Type the amount of bitcoin you would like to receive in BTC or sats

The receive address QR code will change, encoding your requested amount within for the sender to easily scan.

Derivation path and index

Shown is the derivation path and index for the generated address.
For example:

  • m/84'/0'/0'/0/16 is the the sixteenth receive address generated by a your public key
  • m/49'/0'/0'/0/108 is the one hundred and eighth receive address generated by your public key
  • m/44'/0'/0'/0/327 is the three hundred and twenty seventh receive address generated by your public key