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Tailor your Collections

Open Collection edit screen

  • Navigate to a Collection, then tap the edit icon


  • Edit the Collection name at the top of the management screen

View public key

  • Tap on a public key to view its xPUB, yPUB, or zPUB in QR code format
    Then you may:
    • Copy the public key to clipboard
    • Share the public key QR code via a third-party app

Public key options

  • Tapping the three dots next to a public key in the Collection management screen gives you the option to:
    • Edit the public key's label
    • View the public key's master fingerprint
    • Delete the public key from the Collection

Add new public key

  • Tap ADD NEW to add an additional public key to the collection

Delete entire Collection

  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner
  • Select Delete collection
  • Tap Yes to confirm