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Gettings Started

Bitcoin Network & Server

When launching Sentinel for the first time you are presented with the following options to first configure

Choose network

Sentinel works with both Mainnet and Testnet. Most users will want to select Mainnet at this option.

  • Select to use Mainnet or Testnet

Choose server

In order to query the bitcoin blockchain we will need to define a bitcoin node to use. You may connect to your own bitcoin node, or you can connect to a bitcoin node operated by the Samourai developers.

Connect to Dojo

If you already have your own bitcoin node running the Samourai Dojo software you can connect your Sentinel app to it. This means your Sentinel app will only use your own self hosted bitcoin node for querying balances and transactions.

  • Tap Connect to Dojo
  • Scan your Dojo Pairing QR Code or Enter Details Manually

Connect to Samourai's server

If you don't yet have a bitcoin node running Dojo not to worry. You can connect to Samourai operated nodes (through Tor or Clearnet) to get started right away. You can always connect Sentinel to your bitcoin node later.

  • Tap Connect to Samourai's server
  • Select to connect to Samourai's server through Tor [Yes] or Clearnet [No]