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Sentinel Update Now Available

Wallet Guy

We are very happy to announce that we have pushed an update to Sentinel now available in the Google Play Store. Sentinel is our popular watch only solution for tracking cold storage and offline HD wallets. In the latest update we have added features specifically requested by our users and industry leaders in the Cold Storage/Hardware Wallet space.

Sentinel is available to download now on the Google Play store.

New Features

  • Track multiple HD wallets at a time with the addition of the Watchlist
  • Track individual Bitcoin Addresses in your Watchlist
  • View transactions as a total of all items in the Watchlist or on a wallet by wallet basis
  • Create Deposit QR codes with a specified balance attached. Useful for payment requests.
  • Multiple exchanges and currencies added for Fiat conversion. Current currencies: USD,EUR,GBP,CNY,RUB. Current Exchanges:, Bitfinex, BTC-e
  • Secure Sentinel with a 5-8 digit PIN code required to access sensitive balance information
  • Optionally use scrambled PIN Entry which helps prevent against keylogging attacks.


The Watchlist is a new addition to this version of Sentinel. The watchlist is accessed from any Transaction view by pressing the Blue ‘+’ button.

Add XPUBs or individual Bitcoin Addresses that you want to watch to this list. Anything in the Watchlist will be displayed on the Transactions view.


Sentinel deterministically generates new addresses that correspond with the selected XPUB. This means you can securely accept Bitcoin using your mobile, but not carry any of the risk of actually storing that Bitcoin on your mobile. Additionally, you get all the benefits of HD Wallets, namely no address reuse.

Our new Deposit screen allows you to enter in your own BTC or Fiat amount that will be applied to the generated QR code. You may share this code with anyone to accept payment into your offline or cold storage wallet.

Learn more about Sentinel at or install directly from the Google Play store.