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Sentinel Update v5.0.1 - Minor updates and bugfixes

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We are pleased to announce the release of Sentinel v5.0.1. You can download the APK from our website or get it on Google Play. Read the full release notes in Sentinel's changelog.

Sentinel - Apps on Google Play
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Following the long anticipated release of Sentinel Version 5, this patch release brings a few minor updates and fixes a some user reported bugs.

Whirlpool Remix

A small but welcomed addition to the user interface is now shown when a remix has occurred. If tracking a Postmix public key, "Whirlpool remix" is displayed in the transaction list when you participate in a free remix.

User Reported Bugs

The following are a list of user reported bugs which are now fixed:

  • FIXED: after enabling a PIN in the settings menu, the network screen appears to show the connection to Dojo has been disabled
    • We can confirm this was user interface bug only, and that connection to your Dojo remained. This can be verified by viewing your Dojo's nodejs log file when opening Sentinel and carrying out balance refreshes
  • FIXED: prevent screen rotation
  • FIXED: for Android 13 and 14, after rejecting the notification permission, user is continued to be prompted to accept permission each time the Sentinel app is opened

Release Notes

You can review the release notes in full in Sentinel's changelog, including a few other bug fixes and other minor updates.

Introducing: Sentinel Docs

We have just launched our Sentinel Docs. We hope you will find these pages and guides helpful and informative, and encourage you to show friends and new users who may be less familiar with using Sentinel.

Thank you

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